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Keep Your Server In the Most Secure Datacentre!

The datacentre area rent service (server colocation) is intended for customers who already have their servers and want to assure uninterruptible availability of the servers by placing them in top level reliability datacentre in Lithuania. Relocate your servers and we will take care of power supply, cooling, provision of Internet connection and physical security; we will also insure your equipment, suggest value-added services, and assure and comply with agreed service level (SLA). We suggest rent of common server racks from 1U and rent of dedicated 42U racks.

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In most cases, rent of a few or several racks is financially more expedient than ownership of a server room.

Servers kept in our datacentre are protected against risks of flood, fire, voltage jumps, thefts or similar threats.

Expand your server farm as much as you need. You will never hear us saying that there is no more free area for you.

Colocation Services Options


1U - Tier 32U - Tier 342U - Tier 3
Rack type Shared rack Shared rack Dedicated rack
Dedicated Internet channel speed 10 Mbps 10 Mbps According to the need
Number of switch ports 1 1 According to the need
Number of managed sockets 1 1 According to the need
Setup fee 59 EUR 59 EUR
145 EUR
Price (EUR, excl. VAT)55 EUR/month69 EUR/monthfrom 546 EUR/month
Order Order Order

Features of the Service

  • Guaranteed Availability of Servers

    Uninterrupted operation of servers in the datacentre is assured by means of redundant systems.

  • Regular Work with Servers

    Work with servers stored in the datacentre will be as convenient as when keeping them in your own premises.

  • Additional Services

    Data backup and restore functions, disaster recovery, server monitoring, remote hands service, etc.

  • Remote Server Management

    IP KVM devices and controlled sockets allow performing most of the tasks with servers remotely.

  • Unlimited Access to Servers

    Customers of the datacentre will always have an opportunity to perform works at their physical servers on convenient time.

  • Insurance of Customer Equipment

    Entire IT equipment of a customer, located in the datacentre, is insured against any possible physical damage.

Features of the Service and Additional Services

1U shared rack rent 2U shared rack rent 42U dedicated rack rent
Features of the service

Tier 3 data center infrastructure
The actual power and cooling fee accounting

Customer's equipment insurance

Access to the servers 24 hours a day

Additionally ordered services

Data backup
Remote hands
Spare parts locker rent
Workplace rent
Disaster recovery to the virtual resources
Dedicated WEB cam
Cabinet door sensor (SMS sent)