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Virtual IP Telephone Stations (IP PBX)

Virtual IP telephone stations provide an alternative to traditional telephone station or IP PBX station and allows saving costs for acquisition of PBX equipment and avoiding troubles related to maintenance (security, electricity costs, voltage fluctuations, etc.) and allocation (equipping of a separate place, server room, sockets, etc.) of such equipment. When expanding IP telephone network and in order to increase number of accounts, such a station does not require additional equipment or licences, and this allows centrally managing entire telephone network without additional costs. No PBX equipment is placed in customer’s premises, because its functions are performed by virtual IP telephone communication station in Baltneta network.

 Increase Efficiency  Don’t Miss a Single Call  Save

IP telephony allows accelerating work: within a company, it enables use of short numbers, system of IVR voice messages and virtual conference room.

High-quality communication with customers will be assured by such features as call waiting, call forwarding, takeover and redirection.

Virtual IP telephone stations provide a cheaper solution than analogue ones: investments into telephone networks, stations, equipment and servicing are significantly lower.

Virtual IP Telephone Stations Service Options

vPBX - 1
vPBX - 2
vPBX - 3
Maximum amount of internal lines 1 16 200
Extremely cheap international and local calls
Call forwarding
Music for waiting time
Call registers
Caller ID display
Short numbers
Call sequences
Speed dialling
Setup fee26 EUR44 EUR84 EUR
Price (EUR, excl. VAT) 3 EUR/month 8 EUR/month 23 EUR/month


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Features of the Service

  • Call Forwarding

    Call forwarding feature allows directing a call to a specified telephone number in presence of specific conditions.

  • Call Sequences

    If you fail to answer a call for a certain time, the call will be forwarded to other employee of the office.

  • Call Registers

    Call registers, provided upon request from a customer, will help evaluating and planning costs for telephony.

  • Short Numbers

    Function of short numbers will allow using three-digit or four-digit numbers inside your company for communication with colleagues.

  • Speed Dialling

    If you have contacts you communicate with especially frequently, the IP telephony will allow reaching them with a single touch of a key.

  • Music for Waiting Time

    When calls are forwarded or delayed, your contact will hear background music that you have chosen.

Additional Services

 Service Plan vPBX - 1
vPBX - 2
vPBX - 3
700th Number
800th Number
Foreign Number
Conference Room
Call Groups
Restriction on Incoming / Outgoing Calls
Routing of Incoming Calls
Interactive Voice Messaging System
Conversation Recording and Review
Seller’s Platform


  •  700th Number

    If your business operates in a few cities, order a number of the 700th line and the price of calls to this number will be equal to price of calling to fixed network.

  •  800th Number

    It is a special number where you pay for incoming calls and your customers call free of charge. Every month you will receive a bill with detailed information.

  •  Foreign Number

    Reach your customers abroad and allow them to reach you on a number in a chosen country. The number can be used both in fixed and mobile phones.

  •  Conversation Recording and Review

    IP telephony allows recording phone conversations of all or some of company employees. An employee can activate this feature himself / herself or all the conversations can be recorder without any exceptions.

  •  Voice Mail

    Voice mail feature allows leaving a message to callers when the call is not answered after a set number of signals.

  •  Call Groups

    Call group function allows creating employee groups inside a company and assign it with a city number and when such a number is called all the telephones of the group ring.

  •  Restriction on Incoming / Outgoing Calls

    Call restriction allows limiting local, intercity, international or mobile calls, also calls from undesired numbers.

  •  Routing of Incoming Calls

    Depending on time or on number, from which a call is made, it is possible to treat calls differently: to reject, to forward, to activate voicemail, etc.

  •  Interactive Voice Messaging System

    This feature reduces call traffic for administrator of your company and efficiently directs callers to respective employees.

  •  Seller’s Platform

    You can independently resell Baltneta minutes using your chosen rates, connection fees, credit limits and reports.

  •  Advanced Call Statistics

    With the help of this special software you can see statistics of incoming and outgoing calls: call flows, call statistics for a selected period, etc.

  •  Conference Room

    Users calling to a short number or a city number can hear and talk to each other at the same time. Up to 10 talkers can talk simultaneously.