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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Share Your Internal Information Securely and Conveniently

Virtual private network (VPN) is the most convenient way to organise operations and communications of a company having geographically remote subsidiaries. The VPN solution we offer allows connection to a single network for separate subsidiaries and remote employees, who can securely access and share internal information and use common business management applications and telephony services. Interconnection of remote computer networks using Internet connection will help your business to operate and manage vital information more conveniently and efficiently.

We offer a customised VPN solution for every company to satisfy all the needs related to information transfer and accessibility of specific applications.

VPN Service as Provided by Baltneta:

Quick to install and easy to adapt to specific business needs

Allows interconnection of unlimited number of computer networks located in geographically remote places

Assures security of information transferred - data are encoded before transfer

Smooth operation even at high network loads

Allows reaching internal network of the company and information stored therein without being in office

Allows using advantages offered by IP telephony

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Lan-to-Lan Connections

Especially Fast and High-Quality Connection Offering Large Capacity

Sometimes usual Internet connection is not enough for successful business - it is especially relevant when high-volume data packets must be sent and received simultaneously among remote subsidiaries and data backups must be created to server; in such cases a company needs a certain guaranteed Internet connection speed or IP telephony services of exceptional quality. For cases like that we offer L2 (or LAN to LAN) connection. This is a top-quality communication service, which helps assuring continuity even in companies processing especially huge data flows.

Our L2 solution:

Allows enjoying a separate communication channel assuring transfer speeds up to 10 Gb/s

Does not limit volumes of communication channel use, so you will never need to worry about usage limits and additional fees

Is easily scalable when your business needs change - when you need higher capacities or when new subsidiaries are founded

Allows monitoring Internet channel usage volumes and loads

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