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Shared Work Tools

  •  Task Delegation

    If you want to create a task, to delegate it to your colleague and then to be informed on status of the task, choose the BaltMail Exchange service.

  •  Calendar Sharing

    Review your agenda, send meting requests, accept requests sent to you, and review lists of meeting participants.


  •  Review of Colleague Availability

    BaltMail Exchange allows seeing if a colleague has other meetings on a particular time or not. This feature will help coordinating meeting time with a few colleagues faster.

  •  Resource Booking

    Book projectors, meeting rooms, vehicles and other shared property of your company. In a resource calendar, you can see who and when has booked it.

  •  Shared Company Contacts

    Create a group of shared company contacts (employees, partners, customers, suppliers) and allow all the employees to use it.

  •  Public Folder

    In your public folder you can place the most common documents of your company - contracts, offer templates, drawings, etc.