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BALT-IX Baltnet Neutral Carrier Internet Exchange

Maximize quality, minimize costs

BALT-IX's PEER service reduces IP Transit and network costs by aggregating all kinds of ISPs on a Layer 2 switching platform. By connecting networks on the most advanced industry platforms, the service enhances the speed and reliability of all kinds of IP products.

Member List

 ISP NameAS NumberPolicySpeedAS SET
Balnetos komunikacijos Customers AS15440 Open 40G
Baltnetos komunikacijos DC AS42549 Open 40G AS-ML
AS21412 Open 20G AS21412
5ci/Skynet AS21211 Open 10G AS-PENKI
Litnet AS2847 Open 10G AS-LITNET-PEER
Rackray AS62282 Open 10G AS-RACKRAY-DC
Init AS24852 Open 10G AS-VINITA
Bitė Lietuva AS13194 Selected 40G AS-BITE-LT
KIS AS25190 Open 10G AS25190
CSC Telecom AS34326 Open 10G AS-CSC-LT
VPSNET AS61053 Open 10G AS61053
NTT AS33922 Open 10G AS-NTT-LT
AS39067 Open 10G AS-ETANETAS
AS56847 Open 10G AS56847
AS49602 Open 10G AS49602
AS202085 Open 10G AS202085
AS202725 Open 10G AS202725
AS44246 Open 10G AS44246
Magnetukas AS41228 Open 10G AS41228
Infostruktūra AS6769 Open 10G AS-INFOSTRUKTURA
BlueBridge AS42774 Open 10G AS42774
Google Inc. AS15169 Open 10G AS-GOOGLE
Cloudflare AS13335 Open 10G AS-CLOUDFLARE
Hurricane Electric AS6939 Open 10G AS-HURRICANE
Parabole AS20846 Open 10G AS20846
Balticum AS39007 Open 10G AS39007
Hostline AS198651 Open 10G AS-HOSTLINE-LT
Satgate AS30721 Open 10G AS-SATGATE-LT
Tele2 AS1257 Open 20G AS-TELE2-LT
NOIA AS200372 Open 10G AS200372
VeriSign AS26415 Open 1G AS-GTLD
Telia Lietuva AS8764 Selected 40G AS-LTELECOM
City Service AS34842 Open 1G AS34842
Lietuvos Bankas AS35135 Open 1G AS35135
Assesco Lietuva AS42181 Open 1G AS42181
LRT AS209989 Open 40G AS209989
Domreg AS44358 Open 10G AS44358
Verslo Tiltas AS34120 Open 10G AS34120
KLI AS43627 Open 10G AS43627
HostBaltic AS133398 Open 10G AS133398
Franmax AS47929 Open 10G AS47929
DELFI AS210126 Open 10G AS210126

Benefits of Peering with BALT-IX

  •  Enhanced end-user experience

    Bandwidth requirements for services like video LIVE and VOD, gaming, cloud, or voice over IP grow continuously, and every millisecond, if not nanosecond, is important; peering provides for the lowest latency path and therefore greatly enhances the end-user Internet experience.

  •  Increased revenues

    Deciding for BALT-IX's services means making a safe investment with a reliable partner. Let us show you how to increase your revenues with peering. Contact us. To take advantage of the BALT-IX PEER service, you need to have access to BALT-IX, and you need to have your own Autonomous System Number (ASN).

  •  Reduced IP transit costs

    The more networks you reach with one cross connect, the fewer cross connects you have to pay for. With just one cross connect to the BALT-IX platform you reach most of Lithuanian networks. Reaching a multitude of networks also reduces your IP transit costs. 

  •  Short routes to IP networks in the metro region

    BALT-IX’s platforms are distributed platforms connecting multiple locations in Vilnius. Prime - TIER3 Datacenter Liepkalnio st. 160C, Vilnius, TIER2 Datacenter Panerių st. 26, Vilnius, Juozapavičiaus st. 13 Vilnius, Laisvės av. 60, Vilnius,  Radastų st. 2, Kaunas and other locations).

  •  No need to arrange individual peering arrangements

    The connection to BALT-IX not only saves costs on cross connects, but it saves you a lot of time: you don’t have to arrange peering agreements for hundreds of networks by contacting them individually. The BALT-IX route servers give you instant access to about 80% of the connected networks.

  •  Control over routing and IP traffic flow

    Peering gives you the control over routing and your traffic flow. You can see how much traffic is flowing over your port and where it goes; you don’t have to struggle with overbooked IP transit routes. 

  •  Highly reliable connectivity

    The standard service level guaranteed in our Service Level Agreements for availability of the BALT-IX PEER service is 99.98%; our platform has maintained 99.98% percent uptime since 2015.

  •  Redundancy

    If peering sessions fail, transit services provide backup connectivity to peer networks; if the transit connectivity fails, the peering connectivity is unaffected.

  •  Increased network quality

    Direct peering provides you with the lowest latency path to your target networks on an uncongested path; therefore, peering improves the quality of networks.

How to Connect


 Please choose a BALT-IX location and choose a data center that best meets your needs.
 If you do not have a PoP at one of the BALT-IX enabled sites, you can either buy a transport connection, or get connected via an authorized BALT-IX reseller.
 Select your desired access size: 1GE, 10GE, 20GE, 40GE or 100GE (depending on location).
 Select your desired service(s).
 Fill in our form or send your preferences by email.
 We will send you an offer with all of the necessary paperwork.

Our support will contact you to implement the ordered services.

Our target is to get you up and running within a few days!