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Rent of Dedicated Servers

Maximum Control and Guaranteed Performance

The service of dedicated server rent allows using Dell servers of the last generation without making large initial investments. The service comprises server rent, server placement in Tier 3 datacentre, cooling and power supply, Internet connection and remote server management (IP KVM).

Along with the server, you can rent Microsoft licenses, order data backup, server monitoring, OS maintenance and vUTM solution.

 Start working within 4 h  1 h spare parts replacement guarantee  Reserved IaaS resources

You can start operating your dedicated server within 4 work hours after placing your order.

In case of drive, power supply unit or other component failure, it will be replaced by a functioning part in no longer than 1 hour.

In case of failure of the parts that cannot be replaced within 1 hour, you will be temporarily provided with IaaS resources.

Features of the Service

  • Reliability

    To provide the service, only new and reliable Dell servers are used, characterised not only by high performance but also by excellent reliability. The servers are placed in Tier 3 datacentre.

  • Expandability

    Having chosen any dedicated server plan, you can order additional RAM memory or additional hard disks and change other service parameters.

  • Maintenance

    Professional administrators guarantee stable server operation and part replacement; when needed, they will provide replacement equipment, should any component of your server fail.

  • Ready for Virtualisation

    Thanks to powerful processors and large main memory expansion possibilities, the dedicated servers will suit well for installation of a private cloud.

  • Ready for Work

    The servers are rented fully prepared for work - installed in datacentre, with an operating system and connected to communication channel. The customer only needs to take care of applications.

  • Additional Services

    Together with the dedicated servers, you can additionally lease Windows licenses, order backups, monitoring, OS maintenance and other services.