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Virtualized Unified Threat Management (vUTM)

Security of Your Data and Higher Productivity of Your Employees

Virtualized Unified Threat Management (vUTM) is a security solution against various threats (DoS, DDoS attacks, database intrusions, phishing, viruses, spam messages) and, at the same time, a unique user identity-based control of application usage and WEB portal browsing.

 Data Security  Application and Portal Control  High Availability

Protect your network against DDoS attacks, website intrusions and viruses. Assure secure work in mobile desktops.

Be assured that undesirable applications will not be used and undesirable portals will not be visited in work time.

Differently from usual physical firewalls, the vUTM solution assures high availability (HA) for affordable price.

Virtualized Unified Threat Management Service Options

vUTM - 25 vUTM - 50 vUTM - 100 vUTM - 150vUTM - 200
Recommended maximum number of users 25 50 100 150 200
Security Measures
High availability - HA
Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-SPAM
Network protection against intrusions, DDoS attacks - IPS
Secure remote branches or workplaces connections - VPN
WEB applications protection - WAF (EUR, excl. VAT) 15 EUR/month 15 EUR/month 15 EUR/month 15 EUR/month 15 EUR/month
Productivity measures
Analysis of used applications and visited Web pages
Limitation of unwanted applications and Web pages
Internet traffic prioritization for critical apps or consumers
Setup fee 119 EUR 119 EUR
119 EUR
119 EUR
119 EUR
Price (EUR, excl. VAT)74 EUR/month 85 EUR/month 89 EUR/month 159 EUR/month 185 EUR/month





Features of the Service

  • Security

    User identity-based (and not IP address-based) firewall, prevention of DDoS attacks, WEB filtering, WEB application security (WAF).

  • VPN Networks

    IPsec, L2TP, PPTP networks are intended for secure connection of subsidiaries or remote employees to company network. Cisco VPN client is supported.

  • Anti-virus / Anti-spam

    Protect your network against viruses and spam. vUTM also assures that your computers will not be included into BotNet network for DDoS attacks.

  • Application Control

    In accordance with policy of your company you can control which applications and on what time can or cannot be used by which users.

  • Portal Control

    Just as in case of application control, you can control accessibility of portals. The control can be implemented according to user, department, portal type and time.

  • Reports

    vUTM solution provides detailed and easily understandable reports concerning application usage, portal visiting, traffic loads, etc.

Comparison of vUTM with Physical Firewalls

  •  Higher Availability

    To assure high availability in case of physical firewalls, you would need to buy 2 sets of equipment at least. In case of vUTM, even the lowest plan assures high availability.

  •  Service Modification

    When using the vUTM service, it is possible to change its plan easily and to adapt to changing data traffic. In case physical firewall, you would need to invest into redundant equipment performance right from the start.

  •  No Long-Term Obligations

    When leasing a physical firewall, service providers require to sign a fixed-term agreement and to assume long-term obligations. The vUTM service is provided without any long-term obligations.

Technical Specifications

vUTM - 25vUTM - 50 vUTM - 100 vUTM - 150vUTM - 200
Firewall permeability UDP (Mbps)
500 1 000 1 500 3 000 3 900
New sessions
7 500 15 000 25 000 30 000 40 000
Competing sessions
75 000 150 000 200 000 250 000 325 000
IPsec (Mbps)
75 150 200 250
SSL VPN (Mbps)
75 150 300 400 520
WAF security (Mbps)
75 150 300 500 650
Anti-virus (Mbps) 300 550 900 1 500 1 950
IPS (Mbps) 200 370 450 780 1 200
UTM throughput. Anti-virus ir IPS protection (Mbps) 100 200 250 450 600