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Data Backups for Computers

Do Not Lose Your Data Even When Your Computer Fails.

The most suitable way to assure data security is to make copies to a remote server. The data backup service allows recovering data in case of failure of your IT equipment and intentional or unintentional data deletion and enables you to resume usual operations. Automatically created computer data backups are stored in modern Baltneta data centre, which meets the strictest security standards; when necessary, they are recovered and thereby allow assuring smooth continuity of your operations.

Data Backups for Computers Plans

Desktop 5Desktop 25Desktop 100
Remote server capacity for data bacup
5 GB 25 GB 100 GB
Supported platforms   
Data stream taken by server 100 Mbps 150 Mbps 200 Mbps
Self service portal
Transmitted and stored data encryption
Transmitted data compression
Incremental data
Setup fee 15 EUR 15 EUR
15 EUR
Price (EUR, excl. VAT) 5 EUR/month 8 EUR/month 13 EUR/month



Features of the Service

  • Back up Everything Necessary

    You can back up a single disk, a separate directory, file or register, e-mail or browser data. All this is available in PC, MAC OS and Linux platforms.

  • Encode Your Data

    User can choose encoding level and set a backup job password. The data backed up are only accessible to the users themselves.

  • Set a Number of Backup Versions

    User can freely choose frequency of backup creation and number of stored versions. Later backups can be only supplemented with changed data.

  • Set Days and Hours

    Intuitive data backup creation user interface allows setting a backup schedule: to choose specific day, hour, and backup frequency.

  • Monitor Backup Process

    The data backup service does not disturb your work and can create backups of data the user is currently working with.

  • Restore a Version Needed

    Our service allows recovering data especially quickly. We can recover any chosen previous version of individual documents and deleted documents.