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Baltneta is ready to continue its operations and provide services to its clients during the COVID-19 pandemic

Update of April 17: assistance to Klaipeda Republic Hospital
We provided Internet connection services free of charge for the entire period of operation of the fever clinic established by the Klaipeda Republic Hospital.

Update of March 25: assistance to Vilnius City Municipality
At the request of Vilnius City Municipality, we installed a wireless ultrasound sensor developed by us that monitors “gyvybes langelis medikams” container’s filling level free of charge. Any member of public can donate protective equipment which then will be provided to the medical professionals.

Update of March 24: assistance to Vilnius Seskines Polyclinic
Following the introduction of quarantine at Vilnius Seskines Polyclinic, family doctors began consulting patients via phone from home. In order to help controlling the flow of incoming calls, we have provided Polyclinic with 100 additional contact center workplace licenses which can be used throughout the quarantine period free of charge.

Update of March 19: flow of works and installation of new services
The number of inquiries nearly tripling in the beginning of the week and making clients wait for solutions longer than usually recently has stabilised. Provision of available services and installation of new services are carried out according to the agreed obligations.

Update of March 19: technical capacities
No increase in workload of the data transmission network is recorded during the pandemic. Majority of our business clients work from home, this way even reducing the workload of our data transmission network.

Update of March 18: possibilities for temporary suspension of services
According to the clauses of the general agreement, during the validity of the agreement all our clients have the right to suspend provision of services on temporary basis (maximum 2 months), if no third party's services are used in their provision. Repeated activation of a service is charged a fee once, as stipulated in the rules of service provision.

Update of March 18: financial capacities of Baltneta
We assure our client that even in case of prolonged quarantine and disruptions in payments; we will be capable of continuing our activity. Baltneta is the financially stable company belonging to the largest IT Group in northern Europe – Atea. In addition, we are strictly controlling our money flows, considering difficulties encountered by our clients and trying to make timely payments to our suppliers.

Update of March 17: warehouse information
We started preparing our warehouses for potential temporary disruptions in supply back in the beginning of February; therefore we do not experience any shortage of equipment. Currently, we have over 20 ready physical DEll EMC servers of various configurations. There are over 100 SSD discs dedicated for providing server rental service available (their list is available here:
Also, we have new servers for providing cloud computing installed. Over 2500 GB RAM, 1000 vCPU and 200 TB SSD are prepared for the clients.

Update of March 17: access to the datacentre
From now on, all our clients willing to enter the datacentre at Liepkalnio 160c, Vilnius will have to wear face masks and use hand sanitiser before entry. They will be provided by Baltneta at the entrance into the premises. Clients who disobey this requirement will be denied access into the database.
Meanwhile, no excursions are organised at the datacentre. Access into the datacentre is provided in exceptional case only – equipment installation or fault. 

Update of March 16: increased number of phone calls
On the first day of the quarantine, inquiries by phone more than doubled.  Most clients were asking for organisation of remote work.

Actions of Baltneta during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our work in case of universal pandemic is stipulated in our business continuity plan. This allowed us to apply the planned procedures on the same day when the COVID-19 outbreak was announced pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO). 90% of Baltneta staff immediately started working from home and we started implementing other measure and work organisation procedures stipulated in the plan. 

We understand the crucial importance of our services and their impact on society; therefore we introduce the list of our implemented measures which are continuously supplemented:

  •  All employees who came back from any foreign country before the announcement of the pandemic and quarantine in Lithuania work at a distance for 2 weeks.
  •  During the pandemic and throughout the quarantine, over 90% staff work remotely. Others are distributed over two locations to prevent any physical contact among members of the same teams throughout the pandemic.
  •  When carrying out works at the client's office, Baltneta engineers wear disposable gloves and face masks.
  •  We cancelled any physical meetings inside the company. All meetings are held using Microsoft Teams collaboration solution.
  •  No events for clients are held.
  •  Baltneta office and datacentre premises are additionally disinfected every day.
  •  Making preparations for the worst scenario, we focus immense attention on additional documentation of processes.
  •  Staff and clients can access the server rooms at the datacentre only if wearing protection equipment (disposable gloves, face masks).